• Leaders: Your ‘5’ a day to Multiplier Health

    Date: 2011.11.23 | Category: Leadership Testimonial | Tags:

    In my last blog I talked about the way we can accidently diminish other people’s talent. I then got to thinking what would be the ‘five’ fruit and veg equivalents  a day  to restore the balance and get us back on track for ‘Multiplier’ (as in Multipliers of talent) health. So here are some top contenders:-

    • Stop talking and really listen . Create room for others to think and fill in the gaps (and embrace the fact their thinking may well get ahead of our own)
    • Thrash things out early on, debate robustly, ask the questions so everyone has clarity on what needs to be achieved and are focused on achieving the results. (Instead of waiting too close to the deadline to say this is not really what is needed , do a mini thrashing out and  eventually taking the work back to do yourself)
    • Use your presence where it has the greatest potency and impact to support individuals (and in a way that does not remove their accountability)
    • Be bold and fearless in challenging the team to offer up its best thinking. (Don’t accept the mediocre, keep the ambition high)
    • Play to your own talents, own them, offer them, use them (don’t play small)
    So what would your five a day be? Once identified, set yourself the challenge over the next 30 days to practice these. Share them with your team and get feedback! Your team might have some interesting feedback on what your top 5 should be! 
    Reflection point: What is changing in your practice? How many more problem solvers are stepping forward to work on your  challenges, what new knowledge are you beginning to build for you and your team? Does the future look brighter?