• Leaders: Are you holding yourselves accountable?

    Date: 2012.02.05 | Category: Leadership Testimonial | Tags: ,,,,,

    There has been much in the media lately about the accountability of leaders to their boards, shareholders, communities, staff etc. This blog is not another take on this much debated theme! The question “Are you holding yourself accountable” is being asked in the context of you as a leader making the difference, fulfilling your aspirations, remaining appropriately ambitious for your role, your self and your followers.

    Sometimes it is overwhelming to feel accountable to so many people, so many governance structures, organisations etc we lose our way and forget the connection, the motivation  and passion which led us to stepping into the leader role in the first place. It is important to reconnect from time to time with our self, our sense of purpose, our dreams and assess where we are and what we need to do next to enable us to step into our leadership role energised and with renewed conviction. Taking the time out to do this on a regular basis is ‘holding yourself to account”. Unfortunately if we are not vigilant we can give away this time to focus on the accountability to others. This can lead to a depletion of our inner resources. Resilience comes from ensuring that we can hold ourselves to account and feel stronger as a consequence. As Maya Angelou so eloquently put:-

    “The question is not how to survive but how to thrive, with passion, compassion, humour and style”

    As part of International Coaching Week I am blogging on a daily basis Monday to Friday in collaboration with my colleagues, Mike Green and Rajwant Bains, on a coaching related and development of talent theme. We are passionate about the power of coaching to enhance personal effectiveness, improve organisational performance and transform leadership and will share some ideas on how we can all tap into this powerful resource.