• Leaders: Who have you got in your corner?

    Date: 2012.07.30 | Category: Leadership Testimonial | Tags:

    This is another dispatch from the Olympics! Source of much inspiration at the moment!

    I was listening to swimmer, Becky Adlington last night , reflecting on her bronze medal victory and the importance of the very vocal support from the crowd. She spoke passionately about how support of this nature really matters! How it can make the difference in performance of moving up from finishing seventh, to sixth, from fifth to fourth and in her own case from 8th to medalling. She emphasised how this support is one of the key ingredients to enabling individual athletes to pull out a performance they never knew they had!!!

    So my first question is who do we have in our corner, urging us on, not only in the large scale events but in the times when we seem to be staring failure in the face? Who do we have championing our cause, our efforts, our biggest challenges! Who can help us move up from mediocre, to good, to great? Who do we need to ask? Who do we need to thank for all their work so far? Who do we need to ask to not just “clap louder” but to be ready with their feedback and their humanity when we most need to hear it?

    My second question is whose corner are we in? Whose performance are we helping to move from mediocre, to good , to great! Isn’t it just ┬áso rewarding to be part of someone’s endeavour to get better at what they do ? Just as it’s great to be cheering on these Olympians to be their best and achieve their dreams whilst remembering from time to time to be ready with our humanity when dreams temporarily come unstuck.