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    “Performance = Potential minus Interference” W.Timothy Gallwey (The Inner Game of Tennis)

    Our passion is spotting, developing and multiplying people’s potential in one to one, team and wider organizational settings. We do this through executive coaching(1:1), team coaching and developing coaching skills for managers programmes.

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    Our overall approach is to tap into individual and team member resourcefulness and build from there. We do not believe we are there to ‘fix things’ but rather to partner our clients to discover strengths, understand the interference, uncover their potential and build towards high performance. Our coaching approach is therefore more transformational in its ambition, working with clients to discover, build confidence and aspire to the high performance and goals they want for themselves as well as meeting organisational requirements.

    All of our coaches have a real passion for people  and development of talent. They are all accredited and take their own continuing development seriously, having their own coach and supervision so that they can be the best they can be for our clients. All are equipped to move beyond the transactional into the transformational and bring a deep awareness of the complex contexts, challenges and opportunities facing today’s busy leaders .

    We offer

    • Executive Coaching
    • Team Coaching
    • Multiplying the talent in your organisations workshops

    “ Doubt is often the beginning of wisdom”

    We have provided executive coaching to chief executives, directors, senior managers and high potential leaders within the U.K and Internationally for the last 10 years.

    We know from our experience of working with leaders and from what they tell us that our coaching provides a welcome holding, balancing, redirecting and productive space for leaders to do their best work. This often entails the individual getting real clarity on both their individual and organisational goals and focused attention on working out the ”interference” that is getting in their way, their colleagues and other key stakeholders so that they can develop the necessary strategies and skills to build high performance.

    Coaching is above all else a partnership between the coach and individual client and each coaching arrangement is as individual as the client. We carefully contract at the beginning of the partnership to agree personal and organisational outcomes so we can ensure added value and effective evaluation.

    We tend to work in short intensive sessions face to face and on the telephone, using skype where appropriate over a timescale tailored to individual’s needs. Our coaches work throughout each session to create the necessary safety, openness and trust , increase in self awareness and confidence, providing challenge and additional perspectives encouraging clients to identify and act on realistic options and solutions to increase their overall effectiveness.

    What ever the focus is whether short term support in e.g taking over a new role, handling a difficult period of transition or as partner in providing longer term support as part of strategic leadership and organisation development a typical session may well involve some of the following:

    • Becoming really clear on what matters
    • Uncovering personal blind spots
    • The need to think and act more strategically
    • Building networks and effective relationships
    • Changing some of one’s behavioural responses
    • Dealing with difficult conflict and change
    • Making sense of what is really going on
    • Understanding more clearly one’s default position
    • Developing access to different leadership styles
    • Developing greater presence, impact and influence
    • Achieving a better balance between work and rest of life
    • Development of resilience

    “Unless teams can learn, the organization cannot learn” Senge

    “ Let’s equate the human mind with a state of the art machine. Cost ? A billion dollars each. Each has 2 switches, T and F. T for Tiny capacity; F for Full capacity. We have bought ten of these things. But let’s switch only three of them to Full. Let’s keep the other seven at Tiny. Let’s waste seven billion dollars every day. How about it? Nancy Klein ( More Time to Think)

    We work with teams at different stages of their development (forming, storming, norming, performing) and at different levels from strategic teams to joint team working to multidisciplinary teams. Working on live team and organizational issues our focus can be to help

    • Teams understand what the organization needs them to deliver
      • Define their primary purpose, goals, roles and stretch
      • Develop a high performing team culture and ambition
      • Identify individual and collective blind spots
      • Benchmark their credibility, impact and influence
      • Teams make sense of their Interpersonal and Team dynamics and how they help or hinder their innovation, decision making and leadership capacities
      • Effective Engagement with critical stakeholders and partners
      • Keep their learning agenda active so they reflect, learn, integrate and consolidate
      • Multiplying the talent in your organization

    What type of leader are you now? Are you a genius or genius maker?

    “Multipliers are genius makers. Everyone around them gets smarter and more capable. People might not become geniuses in a traditional sense, but Multipliers invoke each person’s unique intelligence and create an atmosphere of genius – innovation, productive effort, and collective intelligence. “ (Wiseman) We are great fans of the book Multipliers by Liz Wiseman and try to incorporate many of the challenges and mindsets into our developing coaching skills programmes for managers and leaders. We want to start a revolution in organisations where we really learn our part in building and nurturing talent and remove some of the diminisher behaviour which can characterize people’s experiences.

    Our two day programme supported by our 30 day genius maker challenge provides not only the core skills in coaching but the key behavioural mindsets and actions required by leaders to spot, develop and liberate talent.

    All those big problems and challenges you are facing right now, need talented problem solvers.  This programme provides a cost effective way of how you can achieve this.

    30 day genius maker challenge runs between Day 1 and Day 2 and provides a focus for individual experimentation and action supported by our coaches on line and short coaching intensives. It also enable colleagues to showcase their learning and provide support and challenge to one another

    “ The difference between try and triumph is a little umph”

    We believe the 30 day genius maker challenge provides just that!