• David Shindler

    David Shindler

    David is an experienced and qualified workplace coach, people development consultant and group facilitator. He set up his company in 2009 to focus on helping leaders, managers, graduates and students to grow personally and professionally at work. He is an employability specialist and author of a 5 Star Amazon book, ‘Learning to Leap, A Guide to Being More Employable’.

    David is a values-driven person who is passionate about helping people develop and grow beyond what they thought themselves capable. He has 15 years consultancy experience in developing, designing and facilitating business and people improvement interventions linking people development and organisational performance.

    David has worked with a wide range of organisations, specialists and non-specialists, including Government Departments, Agencies and Non-Departmental Government Bodies, Higher and Secondary Education, Engineering, Regional Business Development, Armed Services, Criminal Justice, Manufacturing, Oil and the Arts.

    Previously, he has worked with a people and organisational development consultancy and with Greater Manchester Police working on organisational research, performance improvement, strategy and policy development.


    • Small and large group facilitation
    • Performance coaching for managers
    • Mentoring and Coaching Skills for managers
    • Leadership and management development
    • Team development
    • Organisational development and culture change
    • Organisational values and behaviours
    • Assessing collaboration and partnering as part of procurement process