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  • Leaders: Multipliers are the way forward!

    Date: 2012.02.08 | Category: Leadership Testimonial | Response: 0

    In the article “Goodbye, minister:civil service hit by staff exodus” run in Monday’s Independent, it was pointed out that the Government is dealing with an unprecedented turnover of civil servants (up to 30%) in key departments e.g the Treasury, Foreign Office, Education and Cabinet Office. The think tank, Institute of Government warns that the loss of institutional knowledge could be detrimental to the running of Government.

    What I wonder have these Departments got in place to replace the talent walking out the door. How good is their succession planning? How good are the remaining leaders at developing talent? Who develops them?

    “Multipliers” about which I have written in the past (see Leadership for our times – a question of maths? ) use their intelligence and make it their business to seek out and develop talent. Multipliers really work with the Tim Gallwey (The Inner Game of Tennis) insight that Performance = Potential minus Interference. They have made the transition into spotting the genius and potential in others and bring an intensity to their practice to liberate this potential so that it takes wings and flies!

    They ensure their focus is less on span of control and more about the span of challenge and support, coaching and mentoring, learning and development. Multipliers equally master the duality of giving people space to think and at the same time creating an obligation to do their best work.

    The good news is that we can all develop these skills – it’s just a question of prioritising them and valuing them. So when talent moves on, we can genuinely wish individuals well and know we have and can attract great potential to step up into their roles.

    So let’s hope there are plenty “Multipliers” in Government! How well are you doing as leaders to grow your quota of “Multipliers” in your organisation?

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