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  • Leaders: Who has recently inspired you?

    Date: 2012.02.08 | Category: Leadership Testimonial | Response: 0

    In this climate of austerity and gloom I think we all need the occasional burst of inspiration to keep us topped up and resilient.

    Last week I ¬†attended a presentation to a group of senior housing managers by a young film writer/ director, Rob Holder, who has recently produced his first film”Eliminate Archie Cookson”.( Now I am very interested in films but it was his description of his personal journey he had to make as a first time Director that became compelling.

    It developed into a fascinating masterclass on’ being at the edge’ of your knowledge and expertise, on the boundary of success and failure, of working outside one’s comfort zone and at the extreme of flexibility .

    These assertions by Rob inspired me:-

    Know yourself and your sensibilities. Know where your passion is! Keep true to your passion.

    Hold onto your vision even when things are changing all around you and taking unexpected turns. People may still moan (we are talking creatives here!) but having a shared vision  makes the going bearable.

    Surround yourself with amazing people , bring out the best in them, keep thinking about what it is they need to have to perform.

    Keep the energy going, keep moving forward somehow, even if it is just tiny steps. Momentum is more important than perfection!

    When you roll with the punches, better things happen!!

    Who has recently inspired you? Have you told them?

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